Arthur Beaumont
Arthur Beaumont (1890-1978).

Arthur Beaumont taught at the Chouinard Art Institute in the 1920's. Best known for his watercolors of ships and harbor scenes.


Alexandra Bradshaw
Alexandra Bradshaw, California Watercolor Painter (1888-1981).


Rex Brandt
Rex Brandt, California Watercolor Painter (1914-2000).

Rex Brandt, a native Californian, is considered one of the most important and influential California watercolorists.


Victor Czerkas
Victor Czerkas (1914-2003).

Victor Czerkas produced fine art watercolors and oil paintings depicting regional California cityscape views. Received private painting lessons from Nicolai Fechin.


Phil Dike
Phil Dike, California Scene Painter (1906-1990).

Phil Dike, a Southern California native, was one of the main innovators in the development of the watercolor painting movement in California.


Harold Gretzner
Harold Gretzner, California Watercolor Painter (1902-1977).

Harold Gretzner was a member of the Thirteen Watercolorists and a founding member of the West Coast Watercolor Society.


Richard V. Johnson
Richard V. Johnson, California Watercolor Painter, (1905-2001).


Dong Kingman
Dong Kingman, California Watercolor Painter (1911-2000).


Emil Kosa Jr.
Emil Kosa Jr., California Watercolor Painter (1903-1968).

Emil Kosa Jr. was among the first California Style watercolorist's whose work brought attention to the West Coast watercolor style.


Jack Laycox
Jack Laycox, California Scene Painter (1921-1984).

Jack Laycox produced many fine watercolors depicting city & urban scenes of California and New York throughout his career.


Vernon Nye
VERNON NYE, A.W.S. (b.1915-present).

Vernon Nye has contributed greatly to California watercolor painting.


George Post
George Post, California Watercolor Painter (1906-1997).

George Post was born and raised in Oakland, California.


Ken Potter
Ken Potter, California Watercolor Painter (1926-present).

Ken Potter is a third generation Californian.


Noel Quinn
Noel Quinn, California Watercolor Painter (1915-1993).

President of the California Watercolor Society in 1962, Quinn's watercolors featured bold patterns, bright colors and geometric design.


Millard Sheets
Millard Sheets, California Watercolor Painter (1907-1989).

Millard Sheets was a native California artist and grew up in the Pomona Valley near Los Angeles.


Milford Zornes
Milford Zornes, California Watercolor Painter (1909-2008)

Milford Zornes was one of the premier California watercolor artists as well as a respected instructor.


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